It’s well known that the bureaucratic system in Nepal is chaotic, non-transparent and non-accountable. Most recruitment agencies either do not have enough experience working with the Gurkhas or do not have expert knowledge about them. These factors could pose a high risk to the clients when they directly approach recruitment agencies without having sufficient prior knowledge about the complex recruitment system in Nepal.

Making a huge profit is often the primary motivator for many of these agencies. Therefore, unethical recruitment is quite rampant. As to guarantee a large profit, some Nepalese recruitment agencies often go as far as taking bribes and forcing individuals into a bonded labour agreement. However, the quality of the individuals is not guaranteed; instead, such unethical practice often results in the selection of incompetent Gurkhas.

The greenwall consultancy (gwc) understands this problem. We calculate the risks and help you avoid them. We are socially responsible and support the retired Gurkhas in utilising their skills after leaving the service. Our model also ensures that we are consistent in practising ethical recruitment in order to provide our clients with the best Gurkhas.