Our experienced consultants help you develop effective recruitment measures that control and reduce any potential risks. Our technical capability, inside-knowledge of the Gurkhas and Nepal enable us to assess effectiveness, suitability, quality, and control for hiring the type of Gurkhas of the clients’ choice. We can shorten timescales and reduce overheads by providing special guidance and support for effective recruitment. We are dedicated to delivering the most effective solution for our client’s needs, and our advice is genuinely independent and delivered without bias or otherwise affected by commercial pressures.


We have an unparalleled understanding of Nepal’s labour supply legislation, supply chains, and recruitment models. We understand the Gurkhas’ employment mindset. By collaborating with our local partners and the Gurkha communities, we provide you with the best solution for your Gurkha recruitment. We have the right capacity to run nationwide workshops and conferences to reach more potential Gurkhas of clients’ choice.