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Why do Gurkhas choose to join the military?

  If you take a stroll around the eastern city of Dharan or the western city of Pokhara, the sight of young men, training relentlessly with dokos strapped across their heads, or up hills is unmissable. The heavy sense of wanting to join the foreign army is palpable among these Nepali cities and towns. Centuries […]


The Martial race theory and the Gurkhas

The idea that certain ‘groups’ are better at fighting than the others has been concurrent throughout history. Whether that’s during the era of Ancient Greece or the Roman Empire. Following that, the idea that certain ‘clans, castes, tribes or races’ being inherently more warlike and predisposed to the qualities of soldering were present prior to […]

Gurkha Recruitment Depot (GRD) and Gallwalla

When British were in India, Gurkha Gallawallas (recruiters) from the Darjeeling and Gorakhpur recruiting depots were deployed yearly to the hills of Nepal, especially around the time of Dashain festival and harvesting season when more healthy young men were more visible so that the recruiter can pick up the best and less likely to be […]


Gurkha pride

Majority of Gurkhas who served in the Gurkha regiments take great pride for their military service- this is demonstrated in various ways. Here in this picture, a crossroad in Saradanagar, Chitwan where a majority of Indian Gurkhas live is named as a ‘Gorkhali Chowk/Crossroad to honour the service of Gurkhas. In loose translation, the board […]

Gurkhas and martial race: The connection

When we think of a physical appearance of the Gurkhas, we believe most of them as a robust and East-Asian looking smiling Nepalese men with an average height of 5’5 (feet’ inch), possibly armed with a khukuri. Precisely speaking, this is the general view of the Western people in regard to the physical appearance of […]