• High Performance Solutions For Recruiters

    Bridging the gap between local recruiters and Nepalese Gurkha recruitment projects

The greenwall consultancy (gwc) is a Gurkha management consulting firm operating on a Social Enterprise model to help international clients in hiring Gurkhas from Nepal. We are a socially responsible firm that is accountable for promoting ethical recruitment practices.

We can assist you with the recruitment of retired Gurkhas from Nepal. We can also help your recruitment projects by conducting research and recruitment campaigns.  Our dedicated team has extensive knowledge and experience of working closely with the Gurkha veterans from various military (British, Singapore, India, and Nepal) backgrounds. We have the working and technical knowledge to resolve complex issues surrounding the employment of Gurkhas. Our team strikes the perfect balance of having the right knowledge and experience to provide you with the best solution.

gwc is a Gurkha community and is responsible and accountable. Our understanding of the Gurkhas is unparalleled, and the mutual trust in the relationship with the Gurkha community is strong. We continuously build and develop a database profile of the Gurkhas interested in overseas employment opportunities.

Our method is simple; we provide you with a bespoke one-stop scientific solution for your Gurkha recruitment projects in Nepal.